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Sourcing Advisory
& Consulting Services

Comprehensive Sourcing Solutions: Expert Advisory and Hands-On Consulting Services by iTeres

Our expertise and services encompass all aspects of both outsourcing and repatriation of services and includes advisory services to guide our clients through the complexities of sourcing transactions and hands-on consulting services to help our clients through implementation of their strategies and improving existing arrangements.

Sourcing Strategy:

Strategy evaluation and update
Retain vs. Outsource vs. Insource vs. Offshore vs. Hybrid
For Services Currently Outsourced:
Renew vs. Renegotiate vs. Rebid vs. Insource vs. Offshore

Transaction Services:

Business case analysis
Bid process and solution/provider selection
Contract negotiations
Transition and implementation management
Insourcing / service repatriation
Governance and vendor management implementation

Outsourcing Arrangement Evaluation and Remediation:

Unbiased assessment of existing arrangements and expert assistance to develop and evaluate alternatives and set direction.

Vendor performance and compliance
Pricing, terms and service levels
Business needs and services alignment
Services and delivery model optimization

Areas of Expertise:

IT outsourcing, insourcing and hybrid models
Payroll outsourcing

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