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Our software solutions

Our software solutions offer streamlined case management with real-time visibility and secure data exchange. Elevate your data security and streamline intake with our comprehensive tools for precision and efficiency.

Real-time Visibility and Targeted Case Analysis with Actionable Insights

Secure Data Exchange with Advanced Encryption

Streamlining Case Management with High Accuracy

Case-Hub Intelligence Dashboard

Real-time Visibility and Effortless Case Analysis

iTeres' Case Management Dashboard offers an intuitive, real-time view of case data, empowering users with effortless query tools for targeted analysis. With daily to yearly data options, it delivers actionable insights through both tabular and graphical formats, simplifying monitoring and decision-making.

Intuitive Dashboard for Real-time
Control of Case Management

Experience unparalleled visibility and control over your case management operations with the intuitive Dashboard feature of Case-Hub Intelligence. Offering a real-time, bird’s-eye view of case data, the Dashboard empowers users to monitor case volumes, track statuses, and informed decisions at a glance.

Targeted Case Analysis and
Comprehensive Visualization

Take advantage of the query tools to effortlessly generate a list of cases based specific time periods enabling quick and targeted analysis of case trends and performance metrics. Whether its daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly data, the dashboard delivers actionable insights with precision and flexibility. Displaying results in both tabular and graphical formats, the Dashboard provides a comprehensive visualization of case data, allowing users to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies with ease.

Data Exchange Module

Introducing DataGuard Exchange, the cutting-edge solution revolutionizing regulatory compliance and data security

Seamlessly bridging the gap between the utility and the oversight agency, DataGuard Exchange empowers businesses to securely exchange sensitive information with ease

Advanced and Structured Encryption

Our robust software employe state-of-the-art encryption, XML messaging, and SFTP transfers to safeguard your data at every step of the exchange process. With advanced structured email processing capabilities, DataGuard Exchange efficiently extracts and processes vital information embedded within emails, ensuring seamless integration and compliance.

Elevate Data Security with
DataGuard Exchange

Experience peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and reqgulatory requirements are met effortlessly with DataGuard Exchange. Elevate your data exchange practices to new heights of efficiency, security, and compliance today.

Case Management

iTerres' Case-Hub Intelligence: Streamlining Intake with 90% Success

Introducing Case-Hub Intelligence, the dynamic module designed to streamline intake of cases, provide full case management services, and optimize agent workflows. Built upon advanced algorithms and intelligent classification systems, Case-Hub Intelligent excels at identifying the highest probability match to customer accounts based on data received from the regulatory agency, achieving a success rate of over 90%.

Automated Case Distribution

Based on a round robin distribution method case assignments can automated distributing the case to the assigned agents work queue within seconds of the case being processed through intake to maximize productivity and minimize workload disparities.

Comprehensive Agent Tools

Once assigned, agents have access to a comprehensive suite of tools to manage the case effectively. From commenting and note-taking capabilities to generating pre-populated email communications with case data, agents can efficiently collaborate and communicate with all required parties.

Standardized Responses with Case-Hub

Moreover, Case-Hub Intelligence offers a configurable library of standardized responses. This enables agents to maintain consistency in communication while enhancing efficiency and accuracy in resolving cases. With Case-Hub Intelligence, empower your team to manage cases with precision, consistency, and unparalleled efficiency.