Streamline Monthly Wellhead Gas Measurement Analysis

iTracker is a browser-based application designed to improve the management of wellhead volume measurement anomalies, one of the causes of Lost and Unaccounted for Gas (LAUF). iTracker aids in the identification and resolution of monthly wellhead measurement anomalies. iTracker also streamlines the annual well-audit process with a user-friendly mechanism to customize the parameters for random selection.

iTracker Meets Your Needs

You need to quickly identify which well-head anomalies are most likely to affect your bottom line.

iTracker compares reported intakes across several months for singular wells. You decide the number of months and the anomalous threshold levels, then filter the viewed results to your preferences and workflow requirements.

You need a solution that integrates with your current gas management systems.

iTracker’s flexible integration methods allow it to accept data from multiple systems, so you can begin receiving and analyzing data quickly. You begin leveraging your investment and increasing staff productivity.

You need to address regulatory responsibilities.

iTracker enhances LAUF (Lost and Unaccounted for Gas) management by allowing you to rapidly identify and analyze wellhead measurement anomalies. This demonstrates pro-active measures to track and monitor LAUF and improves rate-case validity.

You need a solution that is easy to use.

iTracker’s color-coded dashboard makes it easy to immediately identify any individual wellhead circumstance. Roll-over the selected well to instantly view notes and previous status changes. One-click initiates the meter worksheet, which graphically illustrates the well’s readings for the previous year and provides detailed information about that well and its owner. Additionally, on iTracker’s meter worksheet you may record notes, change the well’s status, and bookmark the well for future review.


iTracker Addresses Your Wants

You want the ability to set your parameters for randomly selecting wells for annual audits.

iTracker lets you establish the parameters you want for annual well-audit selection. iTracker also provides mechanisms for automated communication with audit teams, streamlining and simplifying the annual well-audit process.

You want auditing and tracking capabilities for the action(s) taken for each well.

You can review information for any well for any month because all notes and action(s) taken for each well are stored for review. iTracker initially illustrates the most recent 12 months’ information but provides one-click access to earlier information as well.

You want a better way to communicate with well owners.

By generating and emailing contact documents, complete with graphics, directly from the iTracker application, you simply and effectively communicate with well owners.