Use the page to assist with the setup and configuration your iTeres Group Microsoft 365 account on your Desktop/Laptops, Phones/Devices and eMail applications.

Download & Install Multi-Factor Authentication app to your IOS/Android Phone

  • Download & Install one of the following from your phones App Store
    • “Microsoft Authenticator”
    • “Google Authenticator”
  • If you already use one of these apps for other MFA, move to next section

Login to Microsoft 365 Web Portal

  • Open > Browser on your desktop/laptop
  • Type > in the address bar
  • Select > ‘People’ icon in upper right corner
  • Select > Sign In
  • Type > your email address
  • Type > your temporary password
  • Follow > Prompts to add your account to the authenticator app you installed on your phone
    • Open > your authenticator app on your phone
    • Add > a new account
      • Microsoft Authenticator
        • Select > ‘ + ‘ in upper right
        • Select > ‘Work or School’
        • Select > Scan QR Code
      • Google Authenticator
        • Select > ‘ + ‘ in lower right
        • Select > Scan QR Code
    • Close > your authenticator app
  • You should be returned back to the Microsoft365 authentication setup window
  • Select > Next to send an MFA request to your authenticator app on your phone
  • Open > your authenticator app or click the notification
  • Select > Approve

Change Your Password

At this point, you have approved the request from your authenticator app on your phone. You should now be presented to move ‘Next’ to a password change window.

  • Type > your TEMPORARY password again
  • Type > your NEW password
  • TYPE > your NEW password again.

You will now be redirected to the Microsoft 365 Home page with access to all of your Web Based Microsoft 365 applications.

  • Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, SharePoint, One-Drive…
  • You can stay signed in to the Web Portal or Sign out

Setup your Phone/Devices

On your Phone/Device:

Re-Configure Outlook on your desktop/laptop

To force Outlook to re-authenticate with the new location of your mailbox at Microsoft 365 and verify you with your recently installed and configured authenticator app, you must perform the following steps:

Windows Desktops/Laptops – Close Outlook before proceeding

  • Search For > ‘Credential Manager’
  • Open > Credential Manager
  • Select > Windows Credentials
  • DELETE ALL > entries beginning with ‘MSOfficeXX_Data: <GUID>’
    • you will have to remove one at a time
    • These may represent other accounts you access, those will require a reauth and save as well the next time you access the account

Open Outlook

  • A Microsoft 365 small window will open
  • Type > your email address
  • Type > your password
  • Approve > the authenticator app request on your phone

More information for you

No Password Expiration

Microsoft 365 effectively has a “No Password Expiration” policy with the introduction of Modern Authentication and MFA. This policy does not mean you will not be required to “Re-Authenticate”. A re-authentication can trigger at any time while accessing any application at Microsoft 365.

Simply open your authenticator app and ‘Approve’ the re-authentication. Don’t be confused and try to “Reset your Password’.

Self-Service Password Reset

After we finish this struggle to get everyone setup and authenticated with Microsoft 365, I will enable ‘Self-Service Password Reset” for the iTeres tenant allowing you to reset your password at any time using a simple Browser interface from anywhere. This process will require a secondary verification. i.e. Authenticator, Text MMS, email or both.

Do Not try and reset your password if you have not finished setting up your MFA authenticator app on your phone/device.

Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset Page

Further Assistance

If you need further assistance or support, please email ‘iTeres Support‘ at

Helpful Microsoft 365 Links