Supporting Organizational Change and Technology Needs

Even with the perfect software in place, technology can still hinder an organization if proper project management isn’t in place.  If users start creating shortcuts or bugs keep popping up, your software and technology is useless and not helping you reach your potential.


iTeres Group has the experience, results and tools needed to help your team successful manage operations, technology and implementation projects throughout your company.


Program Management Office (PMO)

As an organization, how do you ensure each project has the right resources assigned in the correct amounts to meet each project’s needs? Is each project using the same standards for planning, managing change, templates, documentation, coding, configuration, testing, and tracking? Organizations that have multiple projects moving in parallel and are led by different teams risk inconsistent and inaccurate resource estimations and delivery dates. This significantly increases the risk of failed delivery or end results that do not meet project or organizational expectations.

Rent CIO

The iTeres Group CIO’s are available to step into any situation and serve as your company’s CIO. Our CIO’s are called in to help make key technology decisions, negotiate IT contracts and answer questions that CEOs and Presidents often wonder about their technology but are afraid to ask. Sometimes there is no justification for hiring a full-time CIO executive, but with Rent CIO we can join your team to achieve a your goals and meet your staffing budget.