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CaseFlow Intelligence Dashboard

Real-time Visibility and Effortless Case Analysis

iTeres' Case Management Dashboard offers an intuitive, real-time view of case data, empowering users with effortless query tools for targeted analysis. With daily to yearly data options, it delivers actionable insights through both tabular and graphical formats, simplifying monitoring and decision-making.

Intuitive Dashboard for Real-time
Control of Case Management

Experience unparalleled visibility and control over your case management operations with the intuitive Dashboard feature of CaseFlow Intelligence. Offering a real-time, bird’s-eye view of case data, the Dashboard empowers users to monitor case volumes, track statuses, and informed decisions at a glance.

Targeted Case Analysis and
Comprehensive Visualization

Take advantage of the query tools to effortlessly generate a list of cases based specific time periods enabling quick and targeted analysis of case trends and performance metrics. Whether its daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly data, the dashboard delivers actionable insights with precision and flexibility. Displaying results in both tabular and graphical formats, the Dashboard provides a comprehensive visualization of case data, allowing users to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies with ease.