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Case Management

iTerres' CaseFlow Intelligence: Streamlining Intake with 90% Success

Introducing CaseFlow Intelligence, the dynamic module designed to streamline intake of cases, provide full case management services, and optimize agent workflows. Built upon advanced algorithms and intelligent classification systems, CaseFlow Intelligent excels at identifying the highest probability match to customer accounts based on data received from the regulatory agency, achieving a success rate of over 90%.

Automated Case Distribution

Based on a round robin distribution method case assignments can automated distributing the case to the assigned agents work queue within seconds of the case being processed through intake to maximize productivity and minimize workload disparities.

Comprehensive Agent Tools

Once assigned, agents have access to a comprehensive suite of tools to manage the case effectively. From commenting and note-taking capabilities to generating pre-populated email communications with case data, agents can efficiently collaborate and communicate with all required parties.

Standardized Responses with CaseFlow

Moreover, CaseFlow Intelligence offers a configurable library of standardized responses. This enables agents to maintain consistency in communication while enhancing efficiency and accuracy in resolving cases. With CaseFlow Intelligence, empower your team to manage cases with precision, consistency, and unparalleled efficiency.