Bridging the Gap from Enterprise Software to Business Solutions

Today’s ‘off-the-shelf’ software products solve a broad range of business needs, but they seldom provide a complete solution. Whether it is customization within the framework of the package or customer development to extend capabilities, companies must bridge the ‘last-mile’ to complete end-user experience. Regardless of platform or approach, iTeres believes that delivering business value is the ultimate measure of any project.

Buy Versus Build

What should your organization consider before developing a solution?

Is your organization willing to adapt processes to utilize the features in the new system?

Will this give your organization a competitive advantage?

• By developing a custom solution, will a unique capability or enhanced market position be attained?

• Will processes that support your current competitive advantage need to be changed to accommodate the new

Do you serve a specialized or niche market?

• Is your organization focused on the delivery of products and services to a specialized or niche market that has not
been addressed by packaged ‘off-the-shelf’ solution providers?

Do you have pre-existing skills and capabilities?

• Has the organization already invested in the recruitment and training of resources capable of developing and
supporting the solution?

• Do you have the processes and tools in place required to institutionalize knowledge unique to the developed solution?

Do you anticipate many and/or significant changes as the business grows?

The professionals at iTeres can help clarify available options and answer these and other questions so you can make the most favorable solution decision for your organization. Our PRS method for solution selection is designed to complement application development and integration.


From point-to-point integration to SOA-based solutions, iTeres is ready to turn your technology capabilities into real business value. iTeres has experience developing and implementing custom software solutions to simplify business processes, improve user experience, and share data across the enterprise.

These capabilities encompass numerous commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages, development platforms, integration technologies, and hardware/OS platforms. iTeres delivers these solutions through a number of industry-accepted software development lifecycles (SDLC) including Agile, Waterfall, and RUP. No matter the size or complexity, our team-based and collaborative approach ensures the successful technology solution integration aligns with and meets your organizational requirements, from solution selection to implementation.