Leverage Your Strengths & Weakness to Prepare for Success

As you strive to keep ahead of the competition, it is essential to build strategies that separate you from the the rest of the pack.  Technology systems can make or break these strategies and leave you wondering “what happened” as systems hinder growth instead of help.

For example, by analyzing current and future technologies, your company will have the ability to:

  • Manage their internal and external relationships.
  • Articulate and execute  strategies.
  • Deliver and receive consistent, quality goods and services.



iTeres Group LP offers a variety of services to help analyze technology within your organization and provide insight on areas to improve technology systems as your company grows.

Benchmarking IT Cost and Performance

An iTeres Group IT cost and performance benchmark provides our clients a strong understanding of their cost structures, performance, operational complexities, areas of improvement, and how these compare to other organization with comparable IT DNA. An iTeres benchmark establishes a baseline for IT Cost and Performance that provides the foundation for a transformation program. An effective benchmark enables our clients to more easily identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement which results in more informed and relevant improvement targets and a stronger and more compelling business case for transformation.

Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery

We provide a full range of business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting services. Our consultants combine deep BC/IT DR expertise, knowledge of industry and regulatory compliance requirements and business acumen to provide cost-effective and executable solutions.

Technology Planning

Core business processes are supported by IT. You want to make future business initiative decisions with confidence, especially those involving IT. IT supports your core business processes, and you want to ensure IT’s continued contribution to business value. With iTeres Information Technology Strategic Planning (ITSP) solution, you will have the required technology in place to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Solution Scouting

Our PRS Method for solution selection provides a structured approach to decision making that begins with understanding your business, processes, and needs in order to specify criteria. It concludes with the procurement of a solution that has been quantified to meet the needs of the organization.With so many choices available to meet your organization’s needs, it is important to ensure you begin with an accurate basis for comparison. iTeres believes building this solid foundation greatly improves after-implementation satisfaction. We can work with you to define specific criteria from more general business needs or strategy. After you know your needs, you must negotiate your options. We have the knowledge and experience working with both the technology and vendors to help you effectively navigate the offered solutions.